The six divisions are supported by centralized corporate support functions including:


Our sister concern, Al-imam enterprises provides engineering services and consultancy to au potential and ongoing projects being undertaken by H.A Construction. Al-imam has a wide range of expertise including structural, civil, architectural and infrastructure engineering.

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Technical Services

The Technical Services Division leverages the expertise departments for technical and commercial competitive advantage through the prequalification, tendering, award, execution and completion stages of various projects.

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Information Technology

H.A Constructionís Information Technology (IT) Division Lakes a strategic approach In the application of technology to the companyís operations, Its team develops high value applications n-house with many workable opportunities to the company.

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Human Resources

As H.A Construction progresses in leaps and bounds and seeks new opportunities in regional and international markets, the human resources (HR) division continues to play a vital role in improving its competitiveness by developing the companyís human resource potential.

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